Digital Indicator / Controller for Angular / Displacement Encoders


•Powered by AC or DC power source
• 6 digit seven segment LED display or Back-lit LCD graphics display
• Programmable resolution, over range and under range.
• Easy to calibrate.
• Pass Word facility for calibration and to access the menus.
• Facility to mask ( or Hide) the menus which are normally not required.
• Peak (Max.) and Valley (Min.) hold facility.
• 5 Volt / 12 Volt excitation supply for the sensor.
• 0 to 50°C of operating temperature.
• 95% humidity at 40°C.
• Compact size : 48 X 96 X 110 DIN size enclosure OR
96 X 96 X 110 DIN size enclosure OR
OEM kit available without enclosure

Options Available :
All options except option no.7 and 8, specified under ‘OPTIONS’ are available.


The Vinyas Microsystems “Digital Angular/ Displacement Indicator/ Controller” is a microcontroller based, versatile instrument. This precision instrument is ideally suited for industrial and laboratory applications. The instrument is designed to accept signals from a wide range of sensors like optical sensors, encoders etc. for the measurement of physical parameters like Angle, Displacement etc.
230V AC or external DC source can power this instrument.


Input type:

Encoders and optical sensors

Input Range:

As per the encoder used.


Same as encoder

Excitation Voltage:

5Vdc (±1%)  or 12 V dc.


230V AC, or external DC source

Display Type:

  1. 6 digit 0.56in. Red/Green/Blue/Amber LED display or Back-lit LCD graphics display

Settable Parameters:

Relay setpoints, relay hysterisis, over range, under range, resolution , pass word etc.

Front Panel Keys:

  1. Menu: To scroll through the menus.
  2. Inc:  Increments the displayed menu parameter.
  3. Dec: Decrements the displayed menu parameter.
  4. Enter: Store configuration/Toggle between Peak Valley & Normal mode.

Physical Size(W*H*D):

96X96X110 DIN size or 48X96X110 DIN size OR OEM kit



Enclosure Type:

ABS plastic case

Operating Temp:

0°C to +50°C

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