For Industries, Banks and Currency Dealers

Fixed LED Image Messages :
Programmable LED signs:
The LED programmable sign boards are a matrix of LEDs which can be used to display messages with different visual effects. They are available in different pitches ( LED spacing – 7.5mm spacing or 10mm spacing etc.), different sizes of LEDs ( 5mm LED or 3mm LED) and different colours ( like red, yellow, green etc.). They can perform a variety of actions on the messages like static, blinking, scroll (right to left), up-scroll, down-scroll, closing from the middle, opening from the middle etc. Multiline and various sizes available to suit your needs. The messages can be entered via easy to use keyboard or via serial interface (from PC). Messages can be displayed in different languages

Multi-function Digital Clocks:
Multi-function digital clocks and stop watches provide a modern, precise and elegant display of time in hours, minutes and seconds using a bright RED, BLUE, GREEN and AMBER display. All models have a wide range of user selectable operating modes and functions to meet every possible requirement. Digital clocks are available in variety of sizes – 4 inch, 6 inch, 1ft., 2ft. etc. and variety of types –alternating clock and temperature, time and date, alpha-numeric clocks etc. These clocks can be interlinked to a master and a common time can be displayed.

Electronic Rate Boards:
We offer a range of smart stylish LED Electronic Rate Boards, which are programmed by either a manual control keyboard or direct from a PC. These Boards are useful for Banks, Building Society, Currency dealer, Travel Agents, Tax-Free Shop at an airport, Auction Houses etc. Visually Effective exchange rate boards will displays 12 or 18 lines foreign exchange rates.

Industrial Display Boards
The Industrial display boards will be useful for production annunciation messages, Supplement safety program requirements, Display current production status reports, communicate real-time status information and alerts.
They can also display corporate logos and sales data.
These boards can augment a security system by displaying emergency and security information. They can also be used to welcome special corporate guests/customers in the reception or lobby area. They can be used as a visual paging system in areas where high noise levels make an audio system impractical.


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