Stable accurate crystal base.
LEDs around the clock for seconds indication.
A virtual LED pendulam.
Moving message to indicate the Day, Date, Month and Year.
Additional moving message to display your own messages. (upto 250 characters).
12 Hour or 24 Hour format time display.
Microcontroller based.
Programmable Brightness. Upto 8 levels of brightness can be programmed.
Different Brightness can be programmed for Day (9 AM to 6 PM) , Night ( 9 PM to 6 AM) and Morning/Evening ( 6 AM to 9 AM and 6 PM to 9 PM.
Moving message scrolling speed is programmable.
Internal Battery to maintain the time when the power fails.
RS232 interface to upload the messages and to set the clock parameters.
Additional Two keys keyboard interface to set the clock parameters.
Available in variety of LED colour combinations.
Size : Clock size – 45 cm. Circular, Digit height – 8 cm., Moving message size – 4.5cm X 25 cm.
Options 1 : GPS attachment to synchronise with the satellite clock for very high accuracy.
Options 2 : Multiple Clocks can be networked to show the same time.
Options 3 : Multiple clocks can be networked to show different world times with the name of the region.


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