Digital Indicator / Controller for Linear Scales


•Powered by AC or DC power source or Back-lit LCD graphics display
• 6 digit seven segment LED display
• Programmable resolution, over range and under range.
• Easy to calibrate.
• Pass Word facility for calibration and to access the menus.
• Facility to mask ( or Hide) the menus which are normally not required.
• Peak (Max.) and Valley (Min.) hold facility.
• 5 Volt / 12 Volt excitation supply for the sensor.
• 0 to 50°C of operating temperature.
• 95% humidity at 40°C.
• Compact size : 48 X 96 X 110 DIN size enclosure OR
96 X 96 X 110 DIN size enclosure OR
OEM kit available without enclosure

Options Available :
All options except option no.7 and 8, specified under ‘OPTIONS’ are available.


The Vinyas Microsystems “Digital Linear Scale Indicator/ Controller” is a microcontroller based, versatile instrument. This precision instrument is ideally suited for industrial and laboratory applications. The instrument is designed to accept signals from a Linear Scale (simlar to encoder output) for the measurement of physical parameter like Displacement .
230V AC or external DC source can power this instrument.


Input type:

Encoders type linear scales

Input Range:

As per the linear scale used.


Same as linear scale

Excitation Voltage:

5Vdc (±1%)  or 12 V dc.


230V AC, or external DC source

Display Type:

  1. 6 digit 0.56in. Red/Green/Blue/Amber LED display or Back-lit LCD graphics display

Settable Parameters:

Relay setpoints, relay hysterisis, over range, under range, resolution , pass word etc.

Front Panel Keys:

  1. Menu: To scroll through the menus.
  2. Inc:  Increments the displayed menu parameter.
  3. Dec: Decrements the displayed menu parameter.
  4. Enter: Store configuration/Toggle between Peak Valley & Normal mode.

Physical Size(W*H*D):

96X96X110 DIN size or 48X96X110 DIN size OR OEM kit



Enclosure Type:

ABS plastic case

Operating Temp:

0°C to +50°C

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