Portable LCD Indicator


•Microcontroller based.
• Key board programmable. No hardware trimming.
• Powered by 9Volt Battery or Adaptor.
• Programmable sensor scan rate from 4 sample/sec to 100 samples/sec
• Programmable Gain.
• Programmable resolution and decimal point.
• Peak (Max.) hold facility.
• Accuracy of +/-0.02% full scale, +/- 1 count.
• 5 Volt excitation supply for the sensor.
• Compact size : 180 X 100 X 42 size enclosure.
• 4 ½ digit seven segment LCD or 1X16 alphanumeric display with back light.
• 16 AND 24 bit internal resolution( using state of the art Sigma/Delta ADC) with 20,000 AND 2,00,000 stable external counts.
• Senor open, Charge , Battery Low indications.
• Options : RS 232 , RS485 out put. Conversion to different engineering units. Test data storage in non-volatile memory. Real Time Clock.


The Vinyas Microsystems “Digital Handheld Indicator” is a microcontroller based, portable battery powered versatile instrument. This 4 ½ digit precision instrument is ideally suited for industrial and laboratory applications. The instrument is designed to accept signals from load cells. Other inputs are provided on request.


Input type:

Strain gauge full bridge sensors

Input Range:



  1. ±19999 counts  (Model VLCD-20k).
  2. ±199999 counts (Model VLCD-200k)( 1X16 LCD display)



±1 digit (±0.01% full scale)

Thermal Drift:

<100 ppm/°C

Excitation Voltage:

5Vdc (±1%)

Min Bridge Resistance:



9v Battery/ 12v Adapter

Battery Life:

 > 40 Hours

Update Rate:

Variable from 4 Samples/sec To 100 Samples/sec.

Display Type:

  1. 4½ digit LCD display (Model VLCD 20K).

1 X 16 alphanumeric LCD (Model VLCD 200k)

Settable Parameters:

Input range, Update rate, Gain, Offset, resolution etx

Front Panel Keys:

  1. Menu: To scroll through the menus.
  2. Inc:  Increments the displayed menu parameter.
  3. Dec: Decrements the displayed menu parameter& to print

in normal mode.

  1. Enter: Store configuration/Toggle between Peak & Normal mode.
  2. Tare: Tares the reading to Zero.

Physical Size(L*B*H):




Enclosure Type:

ABS plastic case/Metal enclosure.

Operating Temp:

0°C to +50°C

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